I AM SPORT  is an innovative  Company that introduces various sporting activities,  all of which  are taught in English by ÉLITE and OLYMPIC players in Top Performance Centers and Technical Centers in different areas of Spain; in collaboration with the  Spanish Olympic Committee  Sportsmanship Support area. The duration of the courses is 5 days within the school year.

I AM SPORT Promoters, after more than 36 years  dedicated to teaching and sports decide to unite their experience and think of Sports as an educational activity that teaches personal values.  I AM SPORT offers sports services, language learning and health for different age groups.

It is clear that SPORT contain an enormous  educational value for various reasons:

  • It is positive for  student health, contributing to  development and quality of life.
  • Sport educates, it enhances courage in any situation.
  • Sport promotes tolerance, effort and firmness.
  • Sport enhances  and improves personal growth
  • Sport teaches teamwork,  learning to work together to create a better social and personal future.

We are living  in a globalized world, English is a must if we are to get ahead, a language that directly influences all professional fields. Learning and managing this language is no longer a luxury. It is a MUST.

HEALTH is very important for I AM SPORT. Our society lacks nutritional  knowledge. Eating healthy, together with an adequate, balanced  diet combined with  physical exercise is basic for health.

I AM SPORT courses will have a 5 day duration in Top Performance Centers and Technical Centers. Four physical activities directed by Olympic and Élite sport players.

Each student will participate in all these activities, be these their specialty or not.  In this way they will come in contact with sports that up to that moment, might  be new to them.

Students will live a first-hand experience in sports, learning that  through personal sacrifice and firmness all is possible.

Courses are  prepared  and carefully guided to  promote the values  of the Olympic Movement.


If you wish to contact us, you can do so directly at the telephone number:

Carmen Villanueva: 699 586 125

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I AM SPORT es una empresa innovadora que engloba distintas disciplinas deportivas, impartidas en ingles por deportistas de ÉLITE y OLÍMPICOS, en Centros de Alto Rendimiento y Centros de Tecnificación, en distintas localizaciones de la geografía española.